A group of students from the British School in Rio de Janeiro have chosen to collaborate with Karanba

As a part of their IB program; «The International Baccalaureate® (IB) is committed to developing students who will make a meaningful contribution to the world, both during and after their education.» 

The students are dedicating time and resources to help out our youths that is participating in the Karanba project. They will contribute in different ways over the next months.

First step was a visit to the Karanba base in Sao Goncalo to meet the participants. There, they taught the Karanba youths how to play football – in English! The students reinforced the importance of English by telling them that if one day they will become a famous footballplayer, they will need to speak english to the rest of the world! This is a great way of inspiring our participants to take part of Karanbas educational program.

We are thankful for the opportunity giving by the British School, and most of all to the engaged group of students. Our ambition is to establish a long-term relationship with the school and be a natural part of this program. 

Together we are aiming for a fundraising event in September – Please follow our updates and see how you can take a part of it!