Karanba visited the Parliament i Oslo, Norway!

To fill the days between a wonderful stay at Gol and the commencement of the Norway Cup, was Karanba invited to a parliament tour Saturday 25th of July.

The tour was attended by Stefan Heggelund, who when he was the same age as our boys as a 15-year-old entered into politics. Now 15 years later and with two years of experience as a representative in Parliament for the Conservative Party, he stood for a committed tour through the building's history and the relationship between the king, government and parliament.

Of the building's history was it special to experience the difference between the original built and the current solution which is characterized by the world's realities and taking into account the need for security and control. Karanba therefore had the control system similar to what we find at the airports before we got into the building.

The intention remains to have a most open relationship between politicians and "the people", now represented by media representatives who are currently located in "walking the hall 'central built and ready to ask critical questions to the politicians.

We got to learn about Norway's parliamentary system. The Constitution was adopted in 1814 - shown through replica of the original law, to liberation from Sweden in 1905 and the celebrations of the National Day on 17 May with the people's greetings to the royal family as it receives from the balcony of the castle.

Unlike Brazil's president, King of Norway has little power and are assumed to remain completely neutral in political contexts. The royal family only gets access to the building one day a year - for the annual opening of the Parliament, through a private entrance that leads outside of all MPs. In this way ensures that he can’t take place interactions between the King and the parliament.

Parliament determines current content in Norwegian laws and provisions under which the Government shall exercise decisions through the various ministries around the country.

Karanba saw the parliamentary hall where representatives will sit clustered county for the county, and happily beside political opponents. MPs representing the breadth of the Norwegian people through different political opinions, academic or occupational background and ethnicity, religion and sexual diversity.

Karanba boys asked several questions along the way and were joined by a booklet with detailed explanations before the visit ended a half hour of time.