The Karanba Project tries to implement an educational methodology, in order to form critical, creative citizens with professional future to act in society.

The Karanba project has a key role in the lives of participants. When a new participant enters the project they participate in an interview along with their family with the social worker and pedagogue, where they are informed of all existing activities in the project, not just about the sports. In this interview it is emphasized the importance of prioritizing education. We offer english classes and school reinforcement, the project is concerned about having an educational nature in their daily activities.

The aim is to give guidance to young people and children participating in the project, alongside the input of their families. We also talk to the families about their responsibility in the education of these young people. It is compulsory to be enrolled in school for students participating in Karanba. In relation to the individual students to school performance, there is lots of work to be followed up by the pedagogue. We forward students with extra needs to school reinforcement classes being taught within the project. This will support the students in difficult situations and eases school dependency. The aim of this part of the project is to assist in the development of these students so that they no longer fail and / or are dependent on the teacher in their academic life.