Karanba is performing a campaign these days to reactivate old members and attempting to recruit new! This will give us the opportunity to develop our educational program "Inspire to select education".

Karanba relies on support in order to provide a sustainable service to the more than 1000 children and youths who daily are participating in Karanba activities. Karanba has an exciting year ahead with both increased investments in education, 10th anniversary and not least the Olympics. Hope you will be supporting Karanba’s work!

You can support our work with a fixed amount per month or one-time payments.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have helped and supported us during the years. Thank you very much!
We hope you want to continue your support!

If you want a tax deduction you can send the receipt with name and personal identity to our volunteer accountant Jan-Inge:

Enter: http://www.karanba.com/gi-din-stotte/gi-et-bidrag/ for more info.