In our anniversary year, it is a priority focus to strengthen our educational program.

As part of our strategy to inspire our participants to choose education, we have invested in two new classrooms. In order to provide a full program and teach English in addition to the primary school that has major shortcomings, we want to fill our classrooms with good teachers who inspire the children to choose education.

This means that we choose to stay in Brazil during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and this summer there will be no Scandinavia trip. The same decision as we took in the World Cup year 2014. We can look back on many successful moments with wonderful and unforgettable experiences for our boys and girls. In a period of political and economic challenges in Brazil, we are not able to participate in everything.

This does not mean that we have participated in Norway Cup for the last time. We have learned that our journeys have given large positive effects among both travellers, other participants and the local community around us in Brazil. Trophies, medals and thousands of pictures provide an incontrovertible proof that dreams are within reach, and that everything is possible with the right attitude and hard work. The trips and the results we have achieved, has opened

countless doors in the mind-set of children and youths. In addition, we know that we have impressed our many friends in Scandinavia, with samba both on and off the field and on the sidelines - and a wonderful interaction between children and young people from two different worlds. Football’s universal language build bridges like nothing else.

We want to thank our many supporters for coming so far in our work with disadvantaged children and youths. To maintain our offer and further develop our educational program, we are dependent on the supply of new Karanba friends.

We hope more people and companies would like to support us in our philosophy of using football, teaching and discipline in combination to realize the hopes and dreams and change lives.

If you or your company would like to support us this year, we are very grateful! And do you know people or businesses we should contact, you can tell us by sending an email to our volunteer sponsorship coordinator Hakon Sandboe:

As an individual you can support our work through the payment solution on our website, or by transferring to Karanba Norway's bank account:
1503 01 87 242.

Thank you so much!