Great Tiago! Not only in regard to his height but also his life choices.

It is the perfect example of how working together like a family, with adults leading by example, can get amazing results out of few opportunities. He was eleven, full of dreams, when he joined Karanba. He knew how to take advantage of every opportunity that was given to him, combining sports with education.

He followed advice given to him, including when his coach Edward Quintanilha suggested that he should take advantage of his height to become a goalkeeper. Such a change is made easier with support and encouragement from your surroundings. 

Time has passed and this young man is now 18 years old. He has continued on his path, still prioritizing education and sports. He finished high school, completed his English course, and established himself as a football player, as a goalkeeper.

With his mind set, he ambitiously went on to search for a scholarship in the USA to continue this combination.

And here we are today - Tiago is studying Business at USA Junior College in New York, and he is also the goalkeeper of the university team.

We are very proud of you, Tiago Santos!