In an everyday strongly affected by poverty has Karanba since its start deemed it necessary to provide extraordinary support to each participant and their family.

Normally this is about assisting with smaller amount to cover food, medicines, school supplies, rent, gas and other critical services that parents are not able to pay yourself. Many may recall Darlan’s visit to a dentist from NRK’s TV-series? Such support is partially outside the work Karanba do in daily life. It is a completely parallel to our course towards the main goal of changing lives. Karanba thus have a post in the budget to cover these extraordinary contributions.

It is extremely difficult to set guidelines for what which can go within this budget item. During a football match in May this year came a humble father with a modest desire to support materials to a minor repair of the roof at home. Karanba’s leader went to inspect the house and the conditions proved to be much worse than first thought.

It's hard to describe for Norwegian readers how the family lived at that time. The small house was about to collapse, and there were major problems with the drain, which gave the collection of sewage at the main entrance.

After careful consideration it was decided that this particular family had to get it better. Employees of Karanba was engaged and materials were purchased, and masons, carpenters and plumbers were assigned to the case. Thanks to our budget for just such situations, we managed together with the employees and provide adequate funding for a lasting improvement in conditions.

We are very happy to be able to help such a disadvantaged family, and such major initiatives have strong and positive impact in the environment surrounding the project in Sao Goncalo. Meanwhile, we are not able to help everyone in the same way, we must always strive for sound management of financial contributions from our sponsors and Karanba- friends. This was an exception, but we are always ready to help where it is needed most for our participants. That's how it is with a family, and that's as it should be in the Karanba family too.

Thank you very much to you who contributes to our cause and helps us realise dreams and change lives!