The meeting was held at Karanba with representatives of different NGO’s and was organized by DLW (Dream Learn Work)

The initiative was taken so each organization could learn more about the work done by each of the participating NGO’s and exchange experiences from each others projects.

Participating NGO's: Karanba, Bola pra Frente, IRS – Instituto Rogerio Steinberg, Abrigo Rainha Silvia and Luta pela Paz.

This meeting was the second in a series of meetings that will take place at the headquarters of each institution periodically. The idea came from the DLW who is working with all these NGO’s including the Karanba, the aim is to know more about the process of working with young people who are targeted to enter into professional courses.

We continue investing and believing in education as a means to change the future of the children and youths in Karanba. We work within the project with the direction and goal of being able to change the lives.