Our greatest moments!

"For me it is important that the time in Karanba not to be the highlight of the children's lives. We work for human development, to facilitate careers and we feel a great responsibility to find the next opportunity for our participants. I usually say that football is the least important of all that is important in Karanba. Nevertheless, it is of course very important. All our participants dream of becoming footballers. We do our best, also to facilitate the best possible sporting offer. The children's dreams are my dreams. The children's future is my responsibility. "

Tommy Nilsen

We in Karanba are very proud of our participants. It is inspiring to see how our young people are increasingly choosing vocational and secondary education, participate in trainee programs with our sponsors, as well as being recruited for qualified and decent paid professions.


2021 - Since 2006, we have attended more than 8000 students.

2021: We implement protocol and guarantee safe reopening for activities at the base.

2020: Our food program (Basic Food Basket Program) guarantees food to about 200 families.

2020 - Our Human Development sector (psychologist, social assistant, pedagogue and sociologist) continues to follow up participants and their families even in the pandemic scenario.

2019 - Through the Tax Incentive Law in Brazil, we team up with our first Brazilian partners, Itau and Enel.

2019 - Karanba's vision includes several of the UN's sustainability goals for a development that addresses the needs of the people living today and at the same time ensures future generations' opportunities to meet the needs of the future.

2019 - Inspired by Karanba stories, the books "Jornada de Sucesso" and "Jornada da Vida" are launched.

2018 - Karanba participates in the Rematch event at Ullevaal Stadium. 20 years after the "miracle in Marseille", Norway x Brazil meet for a new match. Our girls get the honorable assignment in playing pre-match with the girls from WANG.


2018: As a consequence of a long-term priority focus on education and girls, we now have 35% girl participation in Karanba.

2017: Prioritized focus on our education program. Support teaching produces good results. 50% of children significantly improve their school grades.

 2017: An additional 26 participants change their lives through higher education, professional vocational courses, professional football career and decent jobs.

2017: A further 3 participants employed as sailors in Solstad / Farstad.

2016: Two former Karanba participants selected for the Brazilian u16 national team.

2016: Our second group of 8, graduated as sailors.

2016: Karanba develpos their education and jobb offer programs. The criteria is to get as many as possible into paid jobs!

2015: Invests in two new classrooms

2015: Karanba focus on development of a competent and sustainable Brazilian organization, which constantly prioritizes education

2015: Our first participant starts college in the US 

2014: Karanba wins the State Champion in Rio de Janeiro, for the first time, with our boys U16

2014: Karanba making their first "Lei Incentivo ao Esporte" project includes hiring a social assistant and Pedagog

2014: Darlan debuts on Flamengo's A team 

2014: Karanba host the FIFA Football For Hope / Adidas event with 50 social projects from all over Brazil 

2014: From being an entirely Norwegian funded organization Karanba gets more than 55% of their funds from Brazil

2013: Karanba educates its first 5 sailors. Today they work for Farstad Shipping ASA

2013: Karanba travels with a girls team to Scandinavia and wins bathing Cup No1 In Denmark and Norway Cup for the first time.

2013: Karanba is supported by FIFA / Football for Hope

2013: Karanba are supported by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

2013: Karanba get full-time volunteers living in Sao Goncalo, a collaboration with the Norwegian Athletics Federation College 

2013: Karanba enters the Fundraising Control

2013: Karanba gets new KPI’s and its own board with key players in the Norwegian-Brazilian business

2012: Karanba wins Dana Cup in Hjørring 

2012: Karanba are invited to Skudeneshavn and participation in HTF Elite Tournament 

2012: Karanba arranges a favela visit and a friendship match for the Norwegian delegation conference Rio + 20 

2012: Karanba develop their first business plan and a special sponsorship program

2011: Karanba win all three tournaments; Dana Cup, Gothia Cup and Norway Cup  

2011: Karanba in cooperation with Hødd wins elite tournament Fjord1 Cup in Sogndal  

2011: Karanba extends the age range from 6 to 20 years and begin to recruit girls  

2011: Karanba moves all of its operations to Sao Goncalo, one of Brazil's largest underprivileged areas  

2011: Tommy Nilsen wins medal " Orgulho Rio " chosen by the newspaper O Dia for his work with Karanba  

2011: The first participant abroad - Qatar  

2011: Karanba establishes long-term sponsorship agreement with Statoil , Aker Solutions , Solstad Offshore and Farstad Shipping 

2011: Documentary about Karanba: Rio Lusaka  

2011: The documentary about Karanba made by Tellus works are nominated in two categories in Gullruten  

2011: Karanba centerpiece of the world's largest soccer exhibition: Soccerex in Rio de Janeiro

2010: Karanba wins both Norway Cup and Gothia Cup with his boys teams  

2010: Karanba become nationally known through its own TV series in eight episodes of the project  

2009: Tellus Works and NRK invites Karanba to production of documentary series 

2008: Karanba get their first business sponsorship 

2008: Karanba wins PlussbankCup in Kristiansand and in Cup 1 in Denmark for the first time 

2007: Association Karanba Norway was founded with the goal of raising funds for Karanba 

2007: First Norway travel to Gol, Oslo and Norway Cup  

2006: Start of Karanba with the first open training sessions for disadvantaged children and young people from the favelas in Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon