Karanba is a social project in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With football as an instrument, Karanba helps a large number of children and young people from slum areas with achieving personal development, education and giving them the means to express themselves. Karanba gathers and engages people in a tough everyday life strongly affected by crime and drug trafficking.

Karanba is primarily about preparing these wonderful people for life. It's about much more important things than football, win or lose. It is about creating motivation and inspiration to believe in the dream of a better life and a better future.

Karanba offer (for free, of course) organized daily football training for its participants. Despite the fact that football is not a goal in itself, Karanba will arrange for the best possible sporting opportunities for our participants.

Since its foundation in 2006, Karanba has beyond their daily activity participated on annual trips to Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We believe strongly that a full month traveling to another reality in Scandinavia stimulates our participants to believe in themselves and to believe that it is possible to succeed in life in spite of their background and upbringing. Traveling also get our boys and girls an opportunity to live their dreams through participation in Cup No 1 (Frederikshavn), Gothia Cup (Gothenburg) and Norway Cup (Oslo).