In 2011, Daniel Moraes de Albuquerque joined Karanba with the dream of becoming a professional football player. Many young Brazilians share this dream, and for some it's the only dream they have.

Daniel worked hard to pursue a career on the pitch, and felt determined on his path. Karanba offered a way of improving his football skills, in a structured way, with professional coaches and equipment.

However, Karanba also put a huge focus on education and personal development. Daniel's parents also maintained this priority. Play ball, but stay in school!

At 17, an opportunity presented itself: A full scholarship. Daniel made a life defining decision. He chose education.

He later went on to graduate from Estácio University, as a Civil Engineer, and is now employed in the public sector in Rio de Janeiro as a Manager of Contracted Works. He has seen where hard work and seized opportunities can take him, and even though he now has great job security and financial stability, new ambitious dreams emerge.

- I would love to take a next step with my career! There are so many possibilities out there. I think oil and gas is a very interesting industry, and I want to travel to other countries to learn more. A dream of mine is to go to Norway, maybe to study.

He contacted Karanba this spring, to say thank you for the time he spent in the project, to offer his story to current Karanba participants, and to look for new doors to open for his professional career.

We are extremely proud of Daniel's achievements, and humbled by his offer to come and share his story. And of course, we love to open doors!

If you want to get in touch with Daniel, to offer tips on possible opportunities, to consider his CV, or to just say congratulations on the success, you can reach him by email (Portuguese or English).

He will also be attending our book launch party June 13th. We look forward to seeing you again, Daniel!