Daniel chose education

In 2011, Daniel Moraes de Albuquerque joined Karanba with the dream of becoming a professional football player. Many young Brazilians share this dream, and for some it's the only dream they have.


Great Tiago! Not only in regard to his height but also his life choices.


We grieve of the loss of a great person. Rodrigo Alexandre da Silva Serrano will always be remembered as a strong, gentle, joyful, hard working and warm person.

Marina Silva, Unicef e Flamengo

We received the visits of presidential candidate Marina Silva, Unicef representative in Brazil Florence Bauer and the president of Flamengo Eduardo Bandeira de Mello.


Walking in search of one's dreams may in principle seem challenging and at the same time stimulating to those who allow themselves to venture into the unknown.

Charity anniversaries for Karanba

It is incredibly inspiring and amazing that 2 families donate their 50th birthday gifts to Karanba in August. The birthdays raised almost 20.000 NOK.


New film out! Direction: Brede Korsmo Music: Lucas Secon

Artist creates light with letters & colors!

The renowned Brazilian artist Victor Pinheiro decorated a wall at the Karanba HQ with graffiti art!

Fluminense and Vasco tie in Josmiro´s debut

We are proud that a good friend, hard working and competent person is given the opportunity as a goalkeeper coach in Fluminense´s new coaching staff led by Marcelo Oliveira, who won the Brazilian Series with Cruzeiro in 2013 and 2014.


This course is aimed at graduated students or high school graduates preparing them for FAETEC´s selection.

The journey of life! Realized dreams and inspired girls!

A wonderful week in Norway! Wow, Karanba!

Arraiá do Karanba

Joy and lots of fun marked Karanba's traditional June festival. Jokes, gifts and the famous typical dishes tempered the celebration. An exciting afternoon for our students and guests!

Visiting Granja Comary – CBF

Great day visiting the magic Granja Comary Football Complex, which headquarters the Brazil national football teams and the Brazilian Football Confederation!

Karanba Media!

As part of Karanbas's commitment to an improved education program, our media responsible Brede Korsmo held an introductory course in video editing for 2 groups at our HQ.

GATE 55 - Let´s go to the old new world!

A great opportunity knocked on my door, something momentarily unreachable, a gift of extreme importance and enormous responsibility.

Girls on the journey of life!

We are proud to present our travelers girls who will attend the Omkamp event on June 9 at Ullevaal Stadium.

Ronaldo, Bebeto e Karanba!

Karanba will attend the "Revanche" event in Norway on the 9th of June. 20 years after the Norwegian miracle in the French World Cup the players will face again.

Veronica - Inspired to choose education!

She started her Karanba career as a volunteer in 2012. In 2013 Veronica participated as one of our leaders when our girls won the Norway Cup.

Priscila – Inspired to choose education!

With her amazing winner instinct Priscila now finds herself attending college in the USA since 2015.

Yasmim – Inspired to choose education!

I was brought up by my mom and my grandparents. My dad never cared to help out in any way, but my mom was always there for me.

Great news on it's way!

The NRK documentary from 2010 helped us expand our offer to include girls as well. Since then, equality and education, have been a high priority in Karanba, in our daily struggle against injustice and strong prejudice.

2018 - Improved educational program

The beginning of the year has been very satisfactory. We are very confident that the defined activity level for 2018 will be of great importance for our participants.

Workshop - Professional Perspectives in the 21st Century

The world has changed and evolved. The labor market is increasingly looking for skilled, creative and dynamic professionals

Christmas Party at Karanba!

Karanba hosteda Christmas party with focus on our youngest participants. It was great atmosphere, DJ, food & drink, gifts and fun!

New Karanba series from Brazil!

"Qual é o seu nome?" [ What is your name? ] Part: 1


We are very proud of our 7 students which concluded different professional courses at DLW this year.

Karanba Sponsor Challenge 2017!

Thanks alot to everyone who came and added color to this successful event!

Karanba at ISDE Master with FC Barcelona!

Students discuss Karanba as a successful model of social responsibility at the “ISDE Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills with FC Barcelona”.

Darlan's fantastic journey!

I met Darlan for the first time in 2006! He was always someone who had something special!

Children's day!

Karanba celebrated Children's day by organising various games for our younger participants. Presents was handed out, followed by a large banquet of sweets, cakes and soft drinks...

Inspiring visit from Fluminense

Fluminense´s technical observer Tiago inspired our coaches, participants and their parents with his visit at our base.

Football for life!

A film who talks about pride of achievement and the benefits it can bring to your life when you need it the most...

Vista Alegre

Vista Alegre is the first in a series of films which is going to be made using a drone.

Cinderela do Futebol

Cinderela do Futebol – Venha descobrir o seu talento!

Karanba is now part of the Lei do Incentivo!

Lei do Incentivo is an opportunity for your company to make an impact for the local community.

Youths helping out youths!

A group of students from the British School in Rio de Janeiro have chosen to collaborate with Karanba

Workshop at our HQ!

at the end of last week we had a workshop to present different career paths to our oldest participants.


My name is Aryedson


A short clip where Washington and his mum talk a bit about where they come from and where they want to go!

Festa Junina at the Karanba HQ!

Several games, good food and good vibes and the Karanba HQ during our Festa Junina celebration!

“Thank you for believing in me!”

Renan has signed a contract of employment that gives him the opportunity to work as a sailor in Farstad Offshore.

Karanba (As novas Cinderellas)

A little film that try to showcase Karanba's female football program!

Karanba at the cinema!

Karanba went to the cinema in Rio Bonito with 30 kids between 12 - 13 year!

Karanba visits the Indigenous Olympics!

Karanba travels to visit the indians living in a reserve in Maricá outside Niteroi!

Karanba pra mim

A short film where some of our youngest participants speaks a bit about what Karanba means to them!

Karanba (O futuro)

A brief insight into the life of Karanba, their work and how we are changing lives for the future!

First victory of the year!

Since the first round on January 14, we have weekly played matches in "Copa Verao" with our G13 and G15. We are delighted that both our teams made it to the final. Gold, silver and great experiences along the way. Congratulations!


Goalkeeper coach Vinicius Moura speaks a bit about Karanba, his dream, how he got there and what he doe's now.


Natane is the first one out in a new series of short films that aims to tell a little our participants/employees, their lives, dreams and what Karanba means to them.

Christmas party at Karanba!

Yesterday, we organised our traditional Christmas celebration in Karanba. Good food and drink for big and small, as well as Christmas presents to all participants.

Karanba Sponsor Challenge 2016 & 10th anniversary!

Karanba arranged their annual Sponsor Challenge and celebrated their 10th year on Copacabana, Praia do Leme yesterday!!!

Participants graduate with the help of DLW!

Karanba wins another victory which is to be celebrated through our participants.

State champion 2016!

Karanba Sub-17 who represents the club Sampaio Corrêa wins the State championship in Rio de Janeiro!!! Congratulations!!!

Apprenticeship at Jotun!

We are very grateful for the opportunity Jotun has given our former participant Lucas Castro by working as an apprentice at Jotun at their factory in Itaborai, Rio de Janeiro.

Karanba participants selected to the u16 national team of Brazil!

Former Karanba participants selected to the U16 national team of Brazil! Marcos Paulo Costa and Wallace Oliveira currently plays for Fluminense. Congratulations!

Semifinals in the state championship!

Karanba in the final of state championship!

Karanba visits Aker Solutions!

This month we visited Aker Solutions with the purpose of presenting the daily life and activities of the project.

Paralympics in Rio!

Children and Equality Minister Solveig Horne, Director General of NRK Thor Gjermund Eriksen, NIF Together and the General Consul in Rio prioritize visit to Karanba's base during the Paralympics!

The Vali group & NIF in São Gonçalo!

We had the pleasure of having Vali group visiting at our base in Sao Goncalo this morning, followed by a second delegation from the NIF and our former cliff and daily leader Michael Klem!

NIF in São Gonçalo!

Norwegian Confederation of Sports with guests and Gerhard Heiberg of the IOC prioritize visit to Karanba's base during the Olympics!


New film directed by Brede Korsmo with a soundtrack from Lucas Secon! The film has it's world premiere here today!

Karanba at the Olympic stadium!

Big thanks to Street Football World, who gave Karanba tickets to Brazil vs Sweden (women) and Portugal vs Honduras (men)!

Culture minister puts Karanba on the agenda!

Culture minister Linda Hofstad along with a group from the norwegian consulate in Rio visits Karanba in the build up to the Olympic games!

Eco-trail with Karanba!

Karanba organised an eco-tour to Parque da cidade in Niteroi, the children walked up a trail for about thirty minutes, the kids was very excited.

Vipps Karanba!

It is now possible to support Karanba through Vipps! Soon its our 10th anniversary, the Olympics is just around the corner and if you feel like giving us a donation using Vipps we would be very greatful! Number: 19051

Meeting of NGO’s at Karanba!

The meeting was held at Karanba with representatives of different NGO’s and was organized by DLW (Dream Learn Work)

The difference that Karanba makes in the lives of the participants!

The Karanba Project tries to implement an educational methodology, in order to form critical, creative citizens with professional future to act in society.

Support Karanba!

Karanba is performing a campaign these days to reactivate old members and attempting to recruit new! This will give us the opportunity to develop our educational program "Inspire to select education".

Karanba needs you!

Karanba needs sponsors/supporters!

Former Karanba participant selected for Brazil's U15 team!

Former Karanba participant selected for Brazil's U15 team! He currently plays for Fluminense. We congratulate Wallace Oliveiraa!!!

Karanba X on TV 2!

Søndag 15-05-2016 TV 2 will show our film Karanba X in their program for advertising free days! We are happy and proud!

Lecture about drugs!

On the 28th of april and the 5th mai 2016 we had a lecture about drugs and how they work for our juinors and youths between 14 and 20 years.

Karanba X on TV Haugaland!

Karanba X is now shown on TV Haugaland which is Norway's biggest local network with about 66000 viewers per week.The film is shown 24 times a day on the following dates:

Karanba focuses on Education!

In our anniversary year, it is a priority focus to strengthen our educational program.

Visit from Haugetun folk high school

For the second year in a row Karanba gets a visit from Haugetun folk high school!

Torneio Karanba 2016!

On Saturday 16th of April we invite our projects in the local area in Sao Goncalo to good experiences through football. Welcome to big and small!

Taca Cidade de Nova Iguacu!

Karanba in the tournament Taca Cidade de Nova Iguacu! Which we played the final in the last 4 years.


Part on of our new series moments which will show various moments in our daily activities in slow motion in the time to come.

Karanba X on youtube!

If you didn't get the chance to see the film on TV see it here! The film is directed by Brede Korsmo with a soundtrack by Hifi-Scifi

Karanba X on TV during advertising-free days on TV Norge!

We are proud and happy that the film Karanba X are going to appear on advertising-free days on TV Norge! We encourage all Karanba friends to take a look! The film is directed by Karanba's Brede Korsmo and shows scenes from everyday life from Karanba's work in Sao Goncalo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Davi impresses in Iceland!

Davi is today writing contract with the club Leiknir Reykjavik... Congratulations!

Victory over Fluminense!

Our junior team won 2-1 over Fluminense in a friendly Thursday and we look forward to the start of the Campeonato Carioca on Wednesday.

Become a supporting member!

Be a supporting member! Private donations are the main foundation and the heart in Karanba’s work. In the anniversary year 2016 is a defined priority to strengthen our educational program.

Bald Rock

Priscila has been in Karanba since the inception of female initiative in 2011. She has now received a scholarship at Trinidad State Junior College in USA.

Sponsorship certificate 2016!

We are now working on our exclusive sponsorship certificate for 2016! Sponsorship certificate to be designed by a great Brazilian artist.

Davi til Island

Former Karanba participant Davi Silva has got the opportunity to show himself for the Icelandic team Leiknir Reykjavik.

"Sebastiao Leonidas"

The tournament "Sebastiao Leonidas" It was nice to be invited by Botafogo to the tournament "Sebastiao Leonidas". We are very pleased with the performance.

A Briliant Future

A Briliant Future Dream Learn Work is an important partner for Karanba. Karanba has two participants in their new film called "A Brilliant Future".

Carnaval 2016

During carnival we have a small break in Karanba. We want the opportunity to show a movie which shows a bit of life in the streets. We also wish all a great carnival!

Rio Lusaka

Rio LusakaI conjunction with our 10th anniversary, we will in the future show the documentary "Rio Lusaka Gothenburg".

New Year, New possibilities!

We are in full swing with our activities again. Full of life on our base in Sao Goncalo, despite the fact that the Brazilian year does not begin in full until after the carnival. We look forward for all we are going into in our anniversary year.

Best at home?

In an everyday strongly affected by poverty has Karanba since its start deemed it necessary to provide extraordinary support to each participant and their family.

Graduation with Dream Learn Work

Graduation of students from Queen Silvia Abrigo project!

Opening of new classrooms

New classrooms were opened by the Brazilian ambassador to Norway!

Crown Prince visit!

The Crown Prince visits Rio de Janeiro!

Visits from Profilgruppa

By an initiative from Innovation Norway received Karanba a delegation of 45 people from Profilgruppa

Malermestrene from Norway visit Karanba

Puts colour on rough reality!

Karanba visited the Parliament!

Karanba visited the Parliament i Oslo, Norway!

Upgraded kitchen by Nobel Catering & Conditori AS

Nobel Catering & Conditori AS was one of our first sponsors and has been an important and present sponsor since 2008.

Workshop 23.juni

Tuesday on June 23th, we held a quarterly workshop for our oldest participants.